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Frequently Asked Questions

What is board?
Board could be considered as a project or simply as a wrapper for your tasks.
What is the difference between standard and custom board?
Standard board has pre-defined lists and rules. With the standard board, you’ll get 4 lists/statuses for your tasks: pool, in progress, in a review and completed. In a custom board, you do not have pre-defined lists. You can create as many lists as you need along with rules which suits your business.
How can I create a task?
Task could be created in any list by simply triggering a button “create task” bellow list’s name.
Do I need to go through all 8 steps in order to create a task?
No. The only required field is “Name”. You can type a name and click “create task now” button. Task will get default values which you can edit it latter.
What task's priority means to me?
By setting a priority to tasks, you are sorting tasks in your lists so collaborators know what is important to do first. Higher priority goes on the top of the list.
What if I do not want to set deadline for a task?
Deadline will not be calculated for a tasks with priority “on hold”. Also, there are multiple types you can select. If you choose: research, to-do or info, deadline will not be included.
What is task type?
Task type is presented as a label on a task’s card. These labels could be useful for collaborators to recognise what task is about.
How can I require estimation for a particular task?
When you create a task, you can check the box “require estimation”. These kind of tasks will be able to request an estimation once they are moved to the list which receives estimations.
How can I define that list receives estimations?
When you create a list, you have two options. One is to mark the list as one which receives estimations and the second one is to mark list to send notifications when tasks are moved into it. Of course, you can select both options and make them active.
How can I request a review for a specific task?
When you create a board, you will see the button “board setup” on the right side of the screen. From there, you can select who is responsible for task reviews. After that, when user mark task that it is ready for a review, only selected reviewers could approve it or deny it.
How can I give more privileges to my collaborators?
Every new collaborators is limited on your board. You can open “Access control” from a left sidebar menu, select user, select board and then select privileges you want to give to specific user.
I do not understand how estimation works on a task!
When you request an estimation, users will be asked to set estimation. For example, you will receive 3 estimations from 3 users. These estimations will be collected and set as one final estimation. Then, you can review them, chose which one is suitable, remove them all and set your own as a final one. Only owners of the board or team-leaders could set a final estimation.
How can I remove user from my board?
Open a board and between board options, you will find “Collaborators”. On the right side, you will find all assigned users on this board. Just remove the tile on X button and user will be removed from board and all tasks.
What is difference between Events and Reminder?
Events are calendar on a board level, available to all collaborators on a board. Reminder is your personal calendar visible only to you.
When task will be considered as completed?
Task will be considered as completed once it is moved to the last list in the board or when it is archived.
Progress bar on a task view is sometimes visible, sometimes it is not visible?
When you have “final estimation” set, progress bar will appear. It will calculate progress based on a final estimation and recorded time.
Where I can see exact date when task is created?
Every task has a button on a right side of the screen called “History”. History is a log of events related to specific task. First event is always date when task is created.
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