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All in one place

Full control over projects, tasks and users. Improved interface for project’s and task’s cards

Task Managament

Task’s cards drag’n’drop system with four statuses (pool, in progress, in review, completed)


Easy projects and tasks documentation organizer and Time tracking system

Slide 1 See your projects/boards Dashboard
Slide 2 Sorted by current status
Slide 3 Add task details, comments, record time, track progress, see collaborators
Task view
Slide Don't forget main dates and events
Slide Invite users to collaborate
on your projects
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What We Do

How Does Berry Work

Create Project

Create new project and tasks related to project, add documentation and important notes

Build your team

Invite collaborators on your project in order to assign tasks and exchange information with them

Track progress

Review time tracking or task statuses and comments in order to know everything you need about your project

Berry is adapted to Mobile view

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